Thursday, May 5, 2011

Seeds and Weeds

My new 'back yard' is full of lovely pink acacias and abundant periwinkle, but there are also some growths that may or may not be weeds, so today I will decide whether or not to pull them out.

On a more whimsical note, Anna Betty (her full American name) and I found ourselves in possession of three packets of American Wild Flower seeds - enough to cover 60 sq m of ground.

Now in my experience of wild flower seeds, you sow them as directed over the prescribed area of land and end up with one sad looking cornflower and a couple of ragged robins, so this time we have taken a more concentrated approach.  We dumped the whole lot in one flower pot that we found under a rose bush.  If we only get three flowers that will be fine, but if we are more successful, then we have created a battle of the blooms US style to see which flower is the fittest to survive in the ultimate competition for space.

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