Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Idleness of Whimsy?

A pretty little title for my blogspot don't you think, but what exactly does it mean?  In literal terms I could write a tome or two on the inherent idleness and uselessness of whimsical endeavours, but in this instance it is a fitting title for the next two years of my journey through (this) life.

At this point in time I have the rare good fortune to have no job other than to steer the good ship 'Family' through the foreseeable future.  When I am not cleaning, washing, ironing, patching grazed knees and generally helping the universe spin for three other people in a foreign land, I will be idle and will be lazily seeking out whimsical pastimes with which to amuse myself.  The only pre-requisites of these endeavours will be that they are languid, blousy, sweetly scented and ever so slightly etheric in nature. They will need to be kooky, a little odd and provide me with a constant supply of anecdotal material to share with my friends.

This way legends are made.....


  1. You have just given me a fabulous idea for a birthday present...

  2. You too idle to write any more ???