Friday, June 10, 2011

Gone with the wind

It must be something about living in America for a month, but I have started to catch myself coming over all Scarlett O'Hara.  I keep talking to the cat in a flounsie manner all southern drawl and flighty-like. Tess the cat, is bemused.  In my mind, she has morphed into Mammy. 'Oh, fiddle dee dee Miss Tessie!  what shall we do with all this time for idlin' whimsically?'

Miss Tessie, is not moved by my imaginary petticoat swaying and blinks languidly in the direction of the flute case, which is sitting idly on the sofa.  A flute case, I hasten to add that has not seen the light of day for 20 years, but I took it out of the cupboard yesterday thinking that now might be a simply darlin' time for us to become reacquainted.  Oh yes! Miss Tessie, a simply marvelous idea!

There then ensues the most pitiful episode of breathy caterwauling the South ever heard.  To make matters worse, the high ceilings and lack of dampening drapery in the sitting room, only serve to amplify my pathetic attempts at remembering how to play. 'Fiddle dee dee, Miss Tessie, what has become of my embouchure!?'

But Miss Tessie had not stuck around to find out.... She was gone with the wind

Thursday, June 9, 2011

No time for idleness!

It turns out that finding opportunities to be idle are few and far between.  Finding time to be whimsically idle are nigh on impossible.  It has taken me over a month to find time not only to explore a new whimical exploit in a stolen moment of idleness, but then an extra handful of days to get to write it up.

So on my birthday, I thought that I might do something a little different.  I ventured up to Sacred Circle and found Marie-Claire, clairevoyant of some repute, in residence.  I am happy to report that Marie-Claire came with requisite starry tablecloth and (comedy) thick, french accent.

What do I want to know?  You tell me Marie-Claire - you're the clairvoyant.  You are.... impatient woman with ridiculously high expectations! Tell me something I don't know.  Don't you have any questions for me?  Should I have? And if I did, wouldn't you know what they were already? Mmmm this didn't seem to be going well.  I was obviously too idle to have worked out some searching questions, whimsical or otherwise.

Marie-Claire decided to pull out the big guns - You have big angel stand behind you, name Michael.  Angels usually babies, but your guy big, strong, goodlooking - Wow, that must be good- so what is he doing behind me, massaging my shoulders? (withering look)

Finally, I manage to think up a seemingly suitable question - So, Marie-Claire, how are things looking - you know, for the future and all that.  Great!  You got nothing to worry about, you pretty, smart, you gonna make lots of money and be successful.  July gonna be pretty blugh, but August and September, wheeshht, super great. You lucky girl.  OK time up....

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Seeds and Weeds

My new 'back yard' is full of lovely pink acacias and abundant periwinkle, but there are also some growths that may or may not be weeds, so today I will decide whether or not to pull them out.

On a more whimsical note, Anna Betty (her full American name) and I found ourselves in possession of three packets of American Wild Flower seeds - enough to cover 60 sq m of ground.

Now in my experience of wild flower seeds, you sow them as directed over the prescribed area of land and end up with one sad looking cornflower and a couple of ragged robins, so this time we have taken a more concentrated approach.  We dumped the whole lot in one flower pot that we found under a rose bush.  If we only get three flowers that will be fine, but if we are more successful, then we have created a battle of the blooms US style to see which flower is the fittest to survive in the ultimate competition for space.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Idleness of Whimsy?

A pretty little title for my blogspot don't you think, but what exactly does it mean?  In literal terms I could write a tome or two on the inherent idleness and uselessness of whimsical endeavours, but in this instance it is a fitting title for the next two years of my journey through (this) life.

At this point in time I have the rare good fortune to have no job other than to steer the good ship 'Family' through the foreseeable future.  When I am not cleaning, washing, ironing, patching grazed knees and generally helping the universe spin for three other people in a foreign land, I will be idle and will be lazily seeking out whimsical pastimes with which to amuse myself.  The only pre-requisites of these endeavours will be that they are languid, blousy, sweetly scented and ever so slightly etheric in nature. They will need to be kooky, a little odd and provide me with a constant supply of anecdotal material to share with my friends.

This way legends are made.....