Thursday, June 9, 2011

No time for idleness!

It turns out that finding opportunities to be idle are few and far between.  Finding time to be whimsically idle are nigh on impossible.  It has taken me over a month to find time not only to explore a new whimical exploit in a stolen moment of idleness, but then an extra handful of days to get to write it up.

So on my birthday, I thought that I might do something a little different.  I ventured up to Sacred Circle and found Marie-Claire, clairevoyant of some repute, in residence.  I am happy to report that Marie-Claire came with requisite starry tablecloth and (comedy) thick, french accent.

What do I want to know?  You tell me Marie-Claire - you're the clairvoyant.  You are.... impatient woman with ridiculously high expectations! Tell me something I don't know.  Don't you have any questions for me?  Should I have? And if I did, wouldn't you know what they were already? Mmmm this didn't seem to be going well.  I was obviously too idle to have worked out some searching questions, whimsical or otherwise.

Marie-Claire decided to pull out the big guns - You have big angel stand behind you, name Michael.  Angels usually babies, but your guy big, strong, goodlooking - Wow, that must be good- so what is he doing behind me, massaging my shoulders? (withering look)

Finally, I manage to think up a seemingly suitable question - So, Marie-Claire, how are things looking - you know, for the future and all that.  Great!  You got nothing to worry about, you pretty, smart, you gonna make lots of money and be successful.  July gonna be pretty blugh, but August and September, wheeshht, super great. You lucky girl.  OK time up....

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